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We provide all of the cleaning and sanitizing chemicals necessary to keep your cafeterias in tip-top condition. Our products have been packaged to simplify mixing and eliminate guesswork for employees. Just fill the container to the premeasured line with water and add 1 packet. In addition, our products are color-coded to their labels, containers, instructions, and safety data sheets for easy recognition and handling.


Monthly visits are made to all sites and include inventory replenishment, cafeteria evaluations, corrective actions, employee education, and problem solving. All Sanitech technicians are ServSafe certified and most are certified ServSafe trainers. We can administer ServSafe training for your staff as part of our program. Electronic verification and documentation reporting from each site is provided to SN administration after each visit.


Our program includes ancillary items such as spray bottles, cleaning gloves, oven scrapers, and required personal protective equipment. No more inventory or ordering concerns for your managers. We maintain just-in-time inventory levels allowing for maximization of your valuable storage space. Our annual set fee provides "no surprise budgets" for directors and simplifies the entire reconciliation and payables process for your entire staff.