Five Cleaning Genie products are provided with this system that will fulfill all manual cleaning requirements within the kitchen.

Pot & Pan Detergent
General Cleaner / Floor Cleaner
Heavy Duty Degreaser
Germicidal Detergent

Other Cleaning Genie materials are also available. Use our standard program or we can customize a program just right for you.

What's included:

  • Complete standardization - similar products and procedures, hands-on training, and problem solving
  • Portion-controlled packaging for simplified employee mixing
  • Color-coded and bilingual products, packaging, instructions, & containers
  • OSHA compliant spray bottles & dispensers included
  • Ancillary products such as sanitizing testing strips, gloves, goggles, oven scrapers, etc. are provided
  • SDS for all products are provided and monitored at each site
  • Hand-care program: anti-bacterial soap & medicated hand lotion
  • OSHA Compliance Verification
  • ServSafe classes and testing is offered as part of our program
  • 24-hour guaranteed emergency response time
  • On-site inventory & delivery each 25 day cycle
  • On-going site-based sanitation and safety in-service audits, assessments & employee training during each visit
  • Detailed electronic service reports documenting compliance
  • Online training, verification, and employee tracking of USDA Professional Standards
  • Compliance & training reference binders for each cafeteria manager
  • Sanitech bilingual instructional wall charts, & posters are installed
  • HACCP Verification Program directed by certified HACCP managers



The three Sparkle Ware Wash products included in this system are:

Concentrated Ware Wash Detergent
Concentrated Rinse Aid

What's included:

  • Electronic digital dispenser professionally installed for each dish machine
  • Unique CLOSED system of dispensing — safer materials & our patented connection design insures that our products cannot be incorrectly used
  • Spill-resistant containers eliminates accidental discharge if overturned or dropped
  • Labels, instructions and connectors are color coded to each product
  • Concentrated and lightweight packaging for easy employee handling
  • Translucent containers = quick recognition of remaining product levels
  • Continuous ware wash preventative maintenance inspections
  • Monitoring, adjustments, and repairs are performed during each visit
  • OSHA and local ordinance compliance inspections
  • Ongoing site-based sanitation and safety training
  • We provide total inventory control and door-to-door delivery
  • Guaranteed 24-hour on-site response time
  • Bilingual signage and checklists posted in ware wash area
  • Ware Wash Reference Guide for each cafeteria manager
  • Detailed electronic service reports sent after each visit
  • Verified wash & final rinse temperatures taken and recorded in report

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