Dish Machine System

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All Sanitech's Sparkle products professional-grade and are manufactured in the United States applying formulations defined by Sanitech for use exclusively within school cafeterias. Our products have been designed expressly for this environment. Cafeteria employees have successfully used our products for over 25 years.


Our Sparkle Ware Wash program uses state of the art Dema Titan chemical dispensers that are installed by our staff. We provide a closed loop dispensing system from RD Industries for superior results. This system ensures that detergents and rinse aids are spill resistant and correctly dispensed.


We provide a standardized dispensing of all dish machines throughout the district, including Electronic dispensers with digital readout. With our Unique Closed Loop system of dispensing, products are safer to handle & cannot be accidentally misused. Monitoring, adjustments & repairs on equipment are performed during each visit. Customized Service Reports after each visit. Reports are in a format to include date, times, temperatures, training, etc., provided to each site.