Beginning in 1993, Sanitech Systems has been providing management solutions to school districts concerned with improving food safety and sanitation in their cafeterias. Our programs are designed to assist you with OSHA, HACCP, USDA, and local health department compliance.

Sanitech's scope extends far beyond other average cleaning chemical suppliers. First, each of our Cleaning Genie products is distinctively colored. The product matches the color of its label and applicator bottle for quick and easy identification. All boxes, labels, and bottles are printed with both English and Spanish instructions. We also provide and install bi-lingual instructional signage, SDS, and cafeteria manager's binders in each location.

With Cleaning Genie, mixing accuracy couldn't be simpler. The products are packaged and pre-measured in single, one-use packets to eliminate all guesswork. All sinks and mop buckets are measured and appropriately labeled. Just fill to the line with water and add the contents of one packet. What could be easier?

Throughout the school year, Sanitech's ServSafe-certified professionals deliver to and evaluate each of your sites on a set 25-day cycle. During each visitation our technicians use a 32-point computerized checklist to assess that site's progress with respect to sanitation and safety. Any necessary corrective action/re-training/problem-solving will be conducted and noted within that site's records.



In addition, during each visit, we provide staff training on employee educational topics directly concerning food safety, sanitation, and employee safety in the kitchen. This information, along with the names of the staff trained, is chronicled for future reference.

At the end of each cycle, all information collected during each site visit is downloaded and converted into electronic service reports. These reports will be sent to any SN-designated personnel. They are invaluable administrative tools that document and verify the ongoing results and activities in each cafeteria.

Our program virtually eliminates the hassle associated with purchasing and payables. It is based upon a simplified set annual fee. All materials and services are included. The yearly cost and your exact budget will have been determined before the school year even begins!

Throughout the year we'll send out 10 equal monthly invoices based upon your fixed annual rate. This eliminates time-consuming inventory, ordering, and receiving concerns. No more useless paperwork to collect or reconcile, leaving both your managers and accounting department free to focus on other important duties. Our set annual fee saves time and gets rid of annoying delivery tickets and complicated invoices.

By using our system you'll be guaranteed complete standardization and utilization of all cleaning supplies and procedures within your district that will promote employee satisfaction, efficiency, and effectiveness. With Sanitech, it's like having a safety and sanitation supervisor on your staff.

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